Learning Unity and C#

This learning has been a long time coming. For the longest time, I worked on server management. More of a system admin and at times consulting and designing infrastructures. While doing that kind of work pays well it wasn’t for me. The hours, the stress of maintaining multiple customers, and overall just boring. Not to say the work isn’t satisfying to a lot of people just for me it wasn’t enough.

I have always been interested in the fun side of tech. I would see people building games and applications or responsive websites and I would get jealous. They were able to build things in tech all I would do is design and maintain.

Having a daughter really changed my perspective. I have to be more conscious of the things I do so that I do not teach her the wrong thing. So being aware of that why would I want to show her that it's better to cave and do the things you don’t want for survival and not fight for the things you do want even if you aren’t sure you will be good at it.

That's how I feel about learning Unity and C#. My belief is that in the future people will want to see more data visualizations and have an experience with their tech not just consume mass amounts of information.

So here I am two weeks in with 7-month-old learning to code. May my doubts leave me and my ability to build grow into something I never dreamed of.



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